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Aluminium Skirting Board Manufacturer

Aluminium Skirting Board Manufacturer

With the alternatives of aluminum anodized and powder coated surfaces, Brovie Aluminium Skirting Board adds a pleasant look of the aluminum to the areas that applied, while catching a matchy look with the classic and wooden decoration by having other options like electrophoresis and wood grain. We promise you not only providing quality product and service for applying all processes with same precision for transforming raw material to aluminium skirting board, but also right price by means of our manufacturer identity. The Brovie aluminium skirting board, is produced to prevent damages that might be occured in the junction points of walls with carpet, parquet, marble, ceramic and granite floors and to cover the poor appearance at junctions, offers an ease of use and convenience in your living areas by being able to be mounted either with adhesive tape or silicone. Brovie possesses over 1000 moulds & 7 complete sets of automatic production system such as heat treatment, profile cutting, punching machine, anodizing pool, etc. All processes are under our control since we own this all-in-one stop productionline from the raw material to product. Save money & Save time for you! Name | Yogi Chow Email | exp@broviecn.com Phone | +86 13902810094 WhatsApp | +86 13902810094

The Most Incredible Article About Partition Wall Section You'll Ever Read

November 24,2018.

partition door design

1. fire resistance, aluminium partition door design is all composed of the metal structure, glass, colour steel plate and other materials have the same fire resistance.

2. no pollution odor emissions, can be used immediately after loading.

3. varied colours and texture of decorative materials for your option.

4. Construction noise is low. Do not affect the people around the work and life.

5. high quality imported louver can be installed in two layers of glass, not easy to dirty, free of cleaning.

6. sound insulation effect is good, partition wall section has a very good sound insulation effect.

7. The partition wall can part of the disassembly, repeated use, partition wall section will not bring waste to the environment, is a kind of green environmental protection building materials, and can greatly reduce the cost of the office often moved.

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