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Agent Cooperation

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New Chinese style archaize doors and Windows

March 25,2019.

Chinese traditional residential culture stresses the unity of man and nature. The classical Chinese style house is modest and harmonious with the surrounding environment, and the new Chinese style doors and windows matching it give priority to scenery and life, allowing residents to enjoy the implicit and simple Oriental aesthetic culture and convenient and comfortable modern fashion life.

Doors and Windows are the eyes of architecture and the carrier of life.Times is changing, the life is updated, the window of new Chinese style must adapt to the modern.

Taking circular windows as an example, it not only improves the inherent disadvantages of traditional wooden doors and windows fundamentally, such as leakage, maintenance inconvenience, but also integrates into the heat insulation broken bridge aluminum structure, hidden anti-mosquito window screen, European standard hardware accessories, seamless plate and other modern new technology and new materials. While preserving traditional aesthetics, it provides multiple security protection for the home.

Doors and Windows of new Chinese style represent the design and modeling of classical traditional Chinese garden architecture and color. With elegant style, rich cultural connotation, reflects the owner of a higher aesthetic appeal and social status.

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