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May 31,2019.

1. FBC 2019-The 17th China International Door and Window Curtain Wall Expo will be held in December. The exhibition will bring together green energy-saving products and new technologies, intelligent development trends and research and development results, and humanized and livable design concepts.

2. A few days ago, with the last batch of aluminum formwork arriving at the project site in Cairo City, the 385-meter "the tallest building in Africa" - the new flagship tower of Egypt's new capital will be completed.

3. International Aluminium Association announces that, in April, global primary aluminum production fell to 5.203 million tons, and in March it was 5.379 million tons. Excluding China and unreported regions, global primary aluminum production in April was 2.113 million tons, a decrease of 78,000 tons from March. In April, China's output was estimated to fall to 2.94 million tons, which was revised to 3.038 million tons in March.

4. On May 21, 2019, the aluminum profile factory invested by CITIC Construction was put into operation in the Luanda-Bengo Special Economic Zone (ZEE). The profile factory will greatly meet the demand for the aluminum profile market in Angola and drive the surrounding employment. After production, it is expected to produce 8,000 tons of profile products and 2,000 tons of door and window products per year.

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