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Aluminium Skirting Board Manufacturer

Aluminium Skirting Board Manufacturer

With the alternatives of aluminum anodized and powder coated surfaces, Brovie Aluminium Skirting Board adds a pleasant look of the aluminum to the areas that applied, while catching a matchy look with the classic and wooden decoration by having other options like electrophoresis and wood grain. We promise you not only providing quality product and service for applying all processes with same precision for transforming raw material to aluminium skirting board, but also right price by means of our manufacturer identity. The Brovie aluminium skirting board, is produced to prevent damages that might be occured in the junction points of walls with carpet, parquet, marble, ceramic and granite floors and to cover the poor appearance at junctions, offers an ease of use and convenience in your living areas by being able to be mounted either with adhesive tape or silicone. Brovie possesses over 1000 moulds & 7 complete sets of automatic production system such as heat treatment, profile cutting, punching machine, anodizing pool, etc. All processes are under our control since we own this all-in-one stop productionline from the raw material to product. Save money & Save time for you! Name | Yogi Chow Email | exp@broviecn.com Phone | +86 13902810094 WhatsApp | +86 13902810094

Advantages of Aluminum Skirting

June 5,2019.


There are six characteristics of the aluminum skirting:

1. The aluminum skirting is with a high flatness, bright color and strong metal texture.

2. The aluminum skirting is not only easy to be deformed, falling off, but also has a longer service life.

3. The technology of aluminum skirting is relatively simple and the construction period is relatively short.

4. There are many styles and colors of aluminum skirting can be optioned, besides, we can customize according to your requirements. For example, we can choose wooded grain, and the color is close to the floor.

5. The aluminum skirting is very environmentally friendly. In this era, everyone is paying more and more attention to environmental protection.

6. Since the material of the aluminum skirting is made of aluminum alloy, it can completely solve the problem of the use of the material of the traditional baseboard, such as moisture deformation, aging, worming, discoloration, surface sticker peeling, etc., so the substitution is very strong

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