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Aluminium Profiles Manufactuer

Aluminium Profiles Manufactuer

Through Brovie modern production facilities and strict quality controls along the entire production line, Brovie ensure the creation of superior products of aluminium profiles. Brovie continuous research and development leads to offering unique solutions with many innovative features, which totally meet the needs of customers. With more than 15 years of experience and 200 employees, in the design and production of architectural aluminium systems, Brovie are one of the most advanced companies globally. Name | Carson Chen Email | exp@broviecn.com Phone | +86 13823431044 WhatsApp | +86 13823431044

6 index of aluminium alloy door and window's quality

June 22,2019.

6 index of a
luminium alloy door and windows quality

1. Thickness: aluminum alloy sliding door has 70 series and 90 series,inside the residence,the aluminum sliding door apply the 70 series.The series number represents the number of millimeters of the frame thickness construction size.55 series, 60 series, 70 series, 90 series consist in aluminum sliding window.Series selection should be based on window size and local wind pressure value.The aluminium alloy sliding window that uses as close balcony should not be less than 70 series.

2. Strength: tensile strength shall reach 157 newtons per square meter and yield strength shall reach 108 newtons per square meter.When purchasing, bend profile with hands,it is supposed to resile when letting go .

3. Chroma: the same aluminum alloy profile’s color should be consistent, if the color difference is obvious, that is not suitable for purchase.

4.Flatness: check the surface of aluminum alloy profile,should not be sunken or bulged.

5.Gloss: aluminum alloy doors and Windows to avoid the purchase of open surface bubbles (white) and ash (black), as well as cracks, burrs, peeling and other obvious defects of the profile.

6.Oxidation degree: the oxidation film thickness should reach 10 microns.When purchase,scrape the surface of the profile slightly, to see whether the oxidation film of its surface can be erased.

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